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Frequently Asked Questions about the operation of the Pixeleye Photography team

How can we communicate so that we can discuss details about our child's wedding or baptism?

1.You can send us a message with your requirements 2.You can contact our phones which are shown at the bottom of the home page. 3. Make an appointment so that we can meet closely and talk in detail about anything you have thought about 4. Online appointment via viber or zoom

Who is the photographer at Pixeleye Photography ?

1At all events we photograph ourselves, we do not send another photographer to cover the photography of your wedding or christening as we believe that the result we have is based purely on our point of view. If, however, something happens to us and we can not cover your photography ourselves, we will contact you to suggest a solution.

How many photographers will come to cover my event? Can I choose one of you or both of you?

If you want you can book two photgraphers attend the wedding or christening, but there is also the possibility to book only Aggeliki or Eva

Why should I choose two photographers to come and cover my event?

Wedding photography is not just a photo shoot of an event but one of the most important events that happen in your life, that's why you should choose a photographer that meet your needs, so that the result to be unique. By choosing to have two photographers at your wedding you will have a more cinematic effect as it will be covered at the same time by two professional photographers, who work well together with a common goal of creating a beautiful story. Every moment matters. The wedding is not just the sacrament in the church but it is the preparations of the bride and groom, the decoration at home in the church, the waiting of the groom, the arrival of the bride the sacrament, the photos with your family and good friends, the party that follows but also the most artistic and carefree photos of the next day. All these precious and at the same time unique moments will be beautifully captured by our photographic team and will stay alive forever through our photos.

How to choose the right photographer for my wedding

The choice of the wedding photographer is almost the most important choice about your wedding day because through the photos you could travel in time and live every sigle moment of that day. Of course the quality as well as the elegance is something very subjective and for this reason it is good to choose a photographer according to your own aesthetics because it is the one that will lead you to the right result. Value for money is the second thing you should look for as it is a fact that not all photographers will give you the same result. Do not be influenced by quantity but it is good to see the quality. Do you want better photos for your wedding and christening or do you want many not so good photos? What to do with the album above if there are no photos worthy of you to get into it? Ask to see complete weddings, ready-made albums and not just scattered photos. Only then you will understand the style of photography and the consistency of the photographer. Wedding photography is not just the photography of the next day but also the immortalization of the very moment in a creative way. The moment is yours why not choose the best?

Does your offer include creating an album?

Album creation is included in our offer packages, but if you do not want printed albums we can re removed and the price varied.Of course we can create a new custom made offer that will not include printed albums.

Are you insured?

The whole team that comes to cover the event is insured

Do you have wedding photography offers / packages ready?

Our prices depend on your requirements each time, of course and there is our basic package which is adjusted based on your personal requirements. Call us or send us a message with your requirements so that we can configure your financial offer package.

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